Collegial theory - An Organizational Behavior Model

This model is a useful extension of the supportive model. The term collegial relates to a body of persons having a common purpose. This model, which embodies a team concept, first achieved widespread applications in research laboratories and similar work environments. The collegial model traditionally was used less on assembly lines, because the rigid work environment made it difficult to develop there. The theory is based on the principle of mutual contribution by employer and employees. Each employee should develop a feeling that he is a part of the whole and contributing something to the whole and recognizes the others contribution. Management is supported to be joint contribution and not the boss.

The managerial orientation is toward teamwork. Management is the coach that builds a better team. The employee response to this situation is responsibility. The collegial approach for the employee is self-discipline. In this kind of environment employees normally feel some degree of fulfillment, worthwhile contribution, and self-actualization, even though the amount may be modest in some situations. This self-actualization will lead to moderate enthusiasm in performance.


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