Concept of Learning Organization Behavior

1) Focuses mainly on the cultural dimension, and does not adequately take into account the other dimensions of an organization. To transform an organization it is necessary to attend to structures and the organization of work as well as the culture and processes. 'Focusing exclusively on training activities in order to foster learning.....favors this purely cultural bias'.

2) Favors individual and collective learning processes at all levels of the organization, but does not connect them properly to the organization's strategic objectives. Popular, models of organizational learning (such as Dixon 1994) assume such a link. It is, therefore, imperative 'that the link between individual and collective learning and the organization's strategic objectives is made'. This shortcoming, finger and brand argue, makes a case for some form of measurement of organizational learning - so that it is possible to assess the extent to which such learning contributes or not towards strategic objectives.

3) Remains rather vague the exact functions of organizational learning need to be more clearly defined.


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