Increasing Awareness Diversity - Organizational Behavior

Awareness demands appreciation of diversity as a fact of organizational life. One needs empathy to understand other people's attitudes, behaviors, and experiences. Many diversity awareness programs in organizations strive to increase managers; and workers' awareness of

a) Their own attitudes, biases, and stereotypes, and

b) The differing perspectives of diverse managers, subordinates, co-workers, and customers.


Diversity awareness programs often have these goals:

a) Providing organization members with accurate information on diversity.

b) Uncovering personal biases and stereotypes.

c) Assessing personal beliefs, attitudes, and values, and learning about other points of view.

d) Overturning inaccurate stereotypes and beliefs about different groups.

e) Developing an atmosphere in which people feel free to share their differing perspectives and points of view.

f) Improving understanding of others who are different from oneself.


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