Including main events an hormonal changes in menstrual cycle

How can the menstrual cycle be described when including main events and hormonal changes?




One can envision a cycle similar to an analog clock at which at 0 o’clock is beginning and end of the menstrual cycle plus that 6 o’clock corresponds to the 14h day of cycle. At 0 o’clock menses and so the menstrual cycle starts and FSH blood stage starts to raise. Just about 2 o’clock the maturing follicles under FSH action are already secreting estrogen and the endometrium is thickening. 

Approximately at 3 o’clock estrogen is intensely stimulating the raise of LH blood stage. Around 6 o’clock (the 14th day) LH is at its utmost concentration and FSH also at high levels to endorse ovulation, LH then stimulates formation of the corpus luteum.

About 7 o’clock the corpus luteum is already secreting a huge amount of estrogen and progesterone and endometrium thickens more and more, concomitant lowering of FSH and LH takes place with the increasing of ovarian hormones.  A

round 11 o’clock reduced FSH and LH levels create the corpus luteum turn into the corpus albicans, the generation of estrogen and progesterone ceases and endometrium regresses. At 0 o’clock once more (28th day) the endometrium desquamates and a new menstrual cycle starts.

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