Growth tissues of plants

Specify the growth tissues of the plants? How are they classified and where they can be found?




The growth tissues of the plants are the meristems. Meristems are the tissues which generate the plant growth providing birth to all the other tissues; they are made up of undifferentiated cells which are having concentrated cell division rate.

Meristems are classified as:

a) Primary meristems and

b) Secondary meristems.

Primary meristems are generally found within the apex of stem, within the lateral buds of the stem, within the basis and tips of the shoots and in the root cap. Primary meristems are accountable for the primary growth (lengthening) of plant.

Secondary meristems are those which form the plant grow in its thickness (secondary growth) and they are made by the tissues which thickens the stem: phellogen (cork cambium) and cambium.

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