Future prospect of Organizational Behavior

Based on the trend analysis, the filliping future prospects of Organizational Behavior can be inferred:

1. Organizational Behavior has reached the status of identifiable fields of study and applications respectively, with explicit implications goes human resource management in complex organizations. These legitimate explicit implications for human resource management in complex organizations. This legitimate recognition as academic (OB) and applied (HR) fields is likely to be reinforced in future.

2. Organizational Behavior can clearly be distinguished from other areas, such as general management and personnel administration. There will be an increased interplay of macro-structural variables and the environment in these fields.

3. There will be a movement in the topical coverage of the fields (i.e. perception, personality and group dynamics, etc) to those more specifically identified with Organizational Behavior per se (i.e. job design, Organizational Behavior modification (OB mod), job conflict and stress, organizational power and politics, management leadership, organizational development. Etc.).

4. The trends of marking Organizational Behavior more application oriented will continue.

Conclusively, the study of Organizational Behavior and the application of HR in the identical areas covered by them profuse more efficient human resource managers, especially needed for the 21 sty century, the effective management of human resources is really what HR & OB are all about.


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