Explain the term Hormonal Control

Explain the term Hormonal Control? Write its complete characterstics.




Hormones  –  like the ones you learned about in Unit A-  are very important to the male reproductive system and the development of “male traits”. The  PRIMARY  SEXUAL CHARACTERISTICS  are referred to as the parts of the male reproductive tract.  The SECONDARY SEXUAL CHARACTERISTICS are more external and include things like the growth of chest and facial hair, hair growth in the armpits and crotch area, the development of a deeper voice, larger and stronger muscles, a coarser skin texture and the enlarging of hands and feet.  These are developed due to the release of TESTOSTERONE the primary male sex hormone which is produced in the  INTERSTITIAL CELLS  found between  the seminiferous tubules within the testes.  The production of testosterone increases the secretion of body oils and leads to body odour once males reach puberty.  It also assists in the development of acne during the teen years.  The levels of testosterone fluctuate in the male body and sometimes the secretion of too much testosterone increase the normal aggressive behaviour of males to uncontrollable levels.  
The hypothalamus and pituitary gland of the endocrine system control the production of the sex hormones in the testes.  The pituitary gland produces and stores GONADOTROPHIC HORMONES  of which there are two: the  FOLLICLE  STIMULATING  HORMONE (FSH) which stimulates the production of sperm cells and the LUTEINIZING HORMONE (LH) which promotes the production of testosterone in the interstitial cells. 

The release and control of the hormones is regulated through the negative feedback loop discussed in the previous unit.  The hypothalamus secretes GnRH or gonadotropin-releasing hormone when testosterone levels are low which in turn activates the pituitary gland to secrete FSH and LH, stimulate testosterone production and stimulate spermatogenesis.  When the sperm count has returned to adequate levels the Sertoli cells produce a hormone called INHIBIN which returns to the hypothalamus to stop producing GnRH.  

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