Elements of Perception - Organization Behavior

These are as follows:

1) Perception initiates with the presence of a stimulus situation. In organizational settings the superior forms the situation for the subordinate's perceptual process.

2) Registration involves the physiological mechanism including both sensory and neural. Obviously, an individual's physiological ability to hear and see influence his perception.

3) Interpretation is a highly crucial sub-process. Other psychological processes assist in perceptual interpretation. For instance, in work settings. His motivation, personality and learning process determines an individual's interpretation of a stimulus situation.

4) Feedback is important for interpreting the perceptual event data. In work settings, the psychological feedback that is likely to affect a subordinate's perception may be in the form of a variation in the behavior of superior.

5) Perception ends in reaction or response, which may be in the overt or convert form. As a consequence of perception, an individual responds to work demands. These sub-processes indicate the complexity of perception.


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