Four Stage Model-Group Development - Organizational Behavior

The steps are as follows:

1)     Latent: this stage stands for latent pattern, maintenance and tension reduction. It is marked by the group's natural need to reach agreement as to its purposes, work methods, and expectation and participation obligation. This agreement reduces the tension surrounding the groups direction, priorities and maintenance in the problem-solving process.

2)     Adaptation: during this phase, the group generates critical information necessary to solve the problem at hand. It lays out facts and identifies the necessary skills and resources required for solution and also participants identify and take on essential roles that are key to the problem-solving efforts.

3)     Integration: this phase requires flexibility reassessment and innovation on the part of members and leaders alike as they struggle to compromise and create the alternatives necessary to move the group into the final phase.

4)     Goal attainment: this is the phase, in which the solution.

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