Difficulty of coordination

Difficulty of coordination

Large business enterprises consist of a number of a department such a production, sales purchase . Finance these department find it hard to collaborate with each other due to the difference in the attitude and working style . has identified four such difference

1) Difference in orientation towards particular goals : member of the different department develop their own vision about the how to best to advance the interest of an organization . to sales of people products variety may take over the product quality

2) difference in time orientation : some member o an organization such as a production manager will be more concerned with problem that have to be solved or with a short period of time . other like member of research and developers team may be pre occupied with the problem that may take year to solve

3) difference in the interpersonal orientation : in some organization activity such as a production there may be more formal ways of the communication and the decision making in other words such as R&D the style of the communication and decision  my be informal . everyone may be encouraged to have a say and to discuss his idea with the others

4) Different in formality of the structure: each a units in the organization may have the different methods and standards for evaluating progress towards objective and for rewarding the employees . in a production department  for E.G - where the quantity and the quality are rigidly controlled , the evaluating and rewards process might be quite formal > employee will be judge quickly on how they will meet or exceeds well defined performance criterion   

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