BUREAUCRATIC MANAGEMENT                                                                

Max Weber Contributed the theory of bureaucracy to the management thought. He used the word; bureaucracy to the specific king of administrative organization whose characteristics are given below. Max Weber's main contribution to management is his theory of authority relation within them. It was Weber's contention that there are three types of legitimate authority which run as follows:

(1)    Rational- legal authority: Obedience is owed to a legally established position or rank within the hierarchy of a business, military unit, government, and so on.

(2)    Traditional authority: People obey a person because he belongs to certain class or occupies a position traditionally recognized as possessing authority, such as a royal family.

(3)    Charismatic authority: Obedience is based on the followers' belief that a person has some special power or appeal.  Weber's theory of bureaucracy recognizes rational- legal authority as the most important type in organizations. Under traditional authority, leaders are not chosen for their competence, and charismatic authority is too emotional and irrational.

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