Behavioral perspective

Behavioral perspective

the human behavior approach is the outcome of the thoughts developed by behavioral scientists who took at the organization as collectively of people. Since management involves getting things done with and through people, the study of management must revolve round human behavior. Also named as human relations, leadership or behavioral science approach this brings to bear existing and newly developed theories and methods of the relevant social sciences upon the study of human behavior ranging from personality dynamics of the individuals at one extreme to the relations of culture at the other. Therefore, this approach can be divided into two groups; interpersonal behavior approach and group behavior approach. The main features of human behavior approach are as follows:

1.       Since the management is the process of getting productivity through the motivation and good human relations.

2.       Emphasis is put on increasing productivity through motivation and good human relations.

3.       Motivation, leadership, communication, participative management and group dynamics are the central core of this approach.     

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