Autocratic leadership

Autocratic leadership

The Autocratic leadership gives order, which must be obeyed by the subordinate. He determine the policy for the groups without consulting the and does not give the detailed information about the future the future plain , but in the simple terms the group what immediate step they must take . he give personal praise or critique to each member on his own initiative and remains aloof from the group for the major part of the time . Thus under this style all design making power is centralized in the leader as shown leader adopt this style stresses his prerogative to decide and   the order obligation to do what they are to do and told to carry out. H e does not give subordinate obligation to do what they are to tell to carry out.  Autocratic leadership may be negative because the followers are uniformed and afraid of the leader authority. Such a leader may be called strict auto craft that relies on the negative influence and given order which the subordinate must accepts. Leader ship can be positive also because the leader may use his power to disperse reward to his group. When his motivation style is positive he is often is called a benevolent autocrat. The benevolent autocrat is effective in getting high productive in many situation and he can develop the effective human relationship. There is another type of the autocratic leader, known as a manipulative autocrat who makes the subordinate feel that they are participation in decision making process even thought he has already taken the decision

The autocratic management has been successful because it provides the motivation to the manager. it permits the quick decision  making as a only one person decide for the whole groups it has also has been successful in the situation where subordinate are relocated to take the initiative in industry , this style is quite common and has effete succeeded v. in future it  is like to be less effective because

a) the coming generation is less amenable to rigid direction and control

b) the standard of the people living is rising

c) there is now social awareness among the people , they look  for social and egoistic satisfaction from their jobs 

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