Audio-visual Communication - Organization Behavior

This type of communication combines the auditory and the visual, that is, while people are observing something on the television or cinema screen, they are also hearing narrative or descriptive remarks so that what they see is adequately supplemented and there is a more abiding impression on their mind.

This technique is used by the government and large organizations.

I.            The government uses it to keep the people well informed of its programmers and policies.

II.            It has been found especially useful for the propagation of the family welfare programmed.

III.            In villages, it is used to educate the farmers on the techniques of improving agricultural production.

In large commercial and industrial houses, this technique is used to bridge the communication gap between the organization and its external public(s) as between the executive and the operatives:

I.            Marketing divisions of the companies use this technique to educate the public on the quality, price and supply of their products and if any special facilities and discounts are being offered along with their sale.

II.            Within the organization, this technique is used to acquaint the workers of any new, sophisticated techniques of production and to keep them informed of the policies and achievements of the company at large.

How to make audio-visual communication effective

1)     Pictures, slides and films should be:

I.            Imaginatively produced; cartoon strips are usually found to be very interesting;

II.           If the pictures are colorful, blending and harmonizing of colors should be done with discretion;

III.          The layout should be attractive.

2)     Description or narration should be brief but adequate. Description should supplement the visual effect and not distract the vision.

3)     The language used in description or narration should be precise, lucid and easily understandable.

4)     Films and slides should be shown to the people at a time, which is suitable for them.

5)     While producing such films and slides, the educational and economic level and the social and cultural background of the people for whom they are meant should always be kept in view.

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