Advantages of the objectives

Advantages of the objectives

According to the L. Gulick, "in administration god helps those have a clearly defined objective". An organization can grow and prosper in an orderly and progressive manner only is well defined goals have been established to guide its progress. Certain specific benefits of sound and carefully chosen objectives are as follows:

1.       Clear definition of objectives encourages unified planning. The unifying effect arises when the plans prepared by the different department heads are adjusted to a common objective.

2.       Objectives provide motivation to people in the organization. An objective helps in providing the sense of unity, harmony and accomplishment to cooperative efforts.

3.       When the work is goal oriented, unproductive tasks can be avoided.

4.       Objective provides standards which aid in the control of human efforts in an organization.

5.       Objective serves to identify the organization and to link it to the groups upon which its existence depends.

6.       Objective aids as a sound basis for developing administrative controls.

7.       Objective contributes to a management process; they influence the purpose of the organization, policies, personnel, leadership as well as managerial control.

8.       Objectives indicate the contribution to be made a zany by each unit and thus it is the basis for decentralization.

9.       MB (management by objectives) programme per cent depends upon clear cut objectives.

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