Principle of the delegation of authority

Principle of the delegation of authority

Principle of delegation by results expected: this principal states that there should be a relation between the results or performance expected from a subordinate and the amount of authority granted to him. The manager should first define the goals and plans set for his subordinates. He should also decide on the results expected from his subordinates. He should then delegate the necessary authority to his subordinates for the achieving the expected result. In this way, the manager can make sure that the delegated authority is in accordance with the results he expects from his subordinates.

Principle of parity of the authority and responsibility: according to this principal the authority delegated to a subordinate should be equal to his responsibility of subordinate should go hand in hand. The principal means that if a subordinate is given the authority to do a particular task, he should be equally held responsible for doing that task in a proper manner. Similarly, if a subordinate is given a particular task, he should at the same time, be given adequate authority to perform the task.

Principle of the absolute responsibility: this principle states that the authority can be delegated but responsibility cannot be delegated by a manner. The manager remains responsible on accountable to his own to his own superior for the tasks which he may have assigned to his subordinate. In other words, the manager cannot escape from responsibility for any default on the part of his subordinates. The process of delegation does not relieve the manager of his own responsibility. Every superior is responsible for the acts of his subordinates to whom he delegates authority for any work.

Authority level principle: the principal suggests that a manager should exercise his delegated authority to take decisions within its jurisdiction. He should refer to his superiors all matters on which he does not have authority to take decision, the manager has to be careful to make sure that he has due authority to take the decisions at his level. Similarly, the manager should also allow his subordinates to exercise their authority for taking decision within their jurisdiction. He should not unduly interface with the decision making authority of the subordinates. 

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