Objective of the co-ordination

Q. Prescribed the objective of the co-ordination in the short manner

Economy and efficiency: co ordination aims at be gaining about the economy and efficiency in the organization. Coordination is avoiding the duplication of efforts due to the there will be economy in labor time and equipment. When the activity is properly coordinated there will be least delay which will be bringing efficiency in the business organization Good human relationship: co ordination attempts to achieve good human relationship in the enterprises. it make authority responsibility relation clear . there will be less conflicts among the personals there will be lead to job satisfaction among the employee leading to their high morale Important of co ordination  unity of the commands : in an enterprises can be successful in achieve in the goals only if the employee of the enterprises is cooperate is possible only when there is a unity of command in the order to be issued to the workers for the unity of the commands coordination of all the department and all the activity of enterprises become necessary unity of the diversification : in an enterprises all employee are of the different nature , opinion and the nature ability their need liking , disliking and the ambition is different. The activity perform them are also diversified. Therefore it become necessary to establish effective coordination among them to achieve predetermined objective

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