Advantages of Bureaucracy

Advantages of Bureaucracy

Bureaucratic form of organization gives certain benefits or advantages to the management. They are briefly discussed below.

1.      Specialization: Specialization is achieved by assigning a specific task to each and every person.

2.      Employee behavior: under bureaucracy, policies, rules and regulations are well framed and they could be applied to any type of company. It ensures the consistent employee behavior. The behavior and reactions of the employee are easily predictable. It facilitates the management to implement any project.

3.      Structure: the structure or form of bureaucracy is created by fixing the duties and responsibilities. Besides it specifies smooth relationships among the employees. The fixed structure facilitates the easy functioning of the organization.

4.    No conflict: duties and responsibilities of each, employees are clearly employed and defined and explained. It avoids the overlapping or conflicting of job duties.

5.      Advance decision: A criterion is fixed to take a decision in the routine matters. So, the decision well in advance.

6.     Optimum utilization of human resources: hiring, selection and promotion are based on the technical competence possessed by the candidate purely on merit and expertise. This ensures the correct matching of the right worker with the right job. It helps the management to utilize the available human resources to the maximum.

7.    Democracy: under bureaucracy no employee enjoys any privilege. All employees are treated equal. This makes the organization more democratic.

8.    Perceptual succession: the job or position is emphasized rather than the person. No rules and regulations are relaxed for any employee. At the same time no new rules and regulation are imposed or any employee. The organization will continue even after the individual's leaves the organization.

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