Upon receiving his notice of termination will contacts you

In 2015, Will Truman invested $1,850,000 to purchase and open a Taco Bell franchise in Lindenwood, Missouri. Although sales started slow, business has picked up for Will and by the summer of 2016 his franchise started to show a profit. Despite the increase in sales at Will's location, the Taco Bell's Regional Franchise Manager remains disappointed in the sales from Will's franchise and, in November 2016, she recommended to the National Franchise Manager that Will's franchise be terminated pursuant to the clause in the franchise agreement that permits the Taco Bell to terminate the franchise on 60 days notice. Will still owes more than $1,000,000 on the credit line that he opened to purchase and open the franchise restaurant. Upon receiving his notice of termination, Will contacts you to inquire about his rights as the franchisee. What advice do you give?

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Operation Management: Upon receiving his notice of termination will contacts you
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