Our topic when expanding a product or service to an

Present a five minute, in-class presentation on one of the following topics on the appropriate date listed on the syllabus (please note that the dates could be later than those assigned). Please try to make the presentations as visual as possible (i.e., showing the ad clips or products on power point).  You will have 5 minutes to present and we will allow 5 minutes for questions and answers. You will be evaluated on correctness of material and application to real world examples.

Our topic: When expanding a product or service to an international market, language/translation and cultural snafus can occur. Provide several examples of these occurrences. What would have done differently?

Pair Presentation by Wendy Zhou and Abdullah Aljowhar


What products have you noticed in your travels that would do very well in the US but has not been introduced?

Estimate time TV at airports

Wait line on app


What products have you noticed that would have to be significantly modified before being successful in the US?

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Marketing Management: Our topic when expanding a product or service to an
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