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  Objectives and functions of national library  

Answer all questions.

1) Explain the role of libraries in a changing society.

2) Describe the plans and programmes of library development in modern India.

3) Briefly describe the development of library and information systems and services in UK and USA.

4) Define national library. Discuss the objectives and functions of national library.

5) Describe the functions of the various types of academic libraries.

6) What do you mean by term user education? Describe the role of information technology in user education.

7) Explain professional ethics. Elaborate librarianship as a profession.

8) Briefly describe few of the national information and documentation centres in India.

9) Write brief notes on any two of the following:

a) Need for library legislation

b) Indian Library A ssociation (ILA)

c) Resource sharing

d) NISSAT (National Information System for Science and T Technology)

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