In what ways do amazons information systems reduce errors

How have robots changed the way Amazon warehouses operate? What are the benefits these robots bring to Amazon? Which firm supplies Amazon’s shelving robots and why might this be important for Amazon?

In what ways do Amazon’s information systems reduce errors? Why is error reduction so critical to firm performance?

What is the cash conversion cycle? What factors enable Amazon to have a cash conversion cycle that is negative? Why are off-line rivals unable to match these efficiencies? What advantage does this give Amazon over rivals?

How do Amazon’s prices compare with rivals’ prices? What gives Amazon such advantages? What other pricing advantages does Amazon have that a conventional retailer might not be able to take advantage of?

How successful have Kindle eBook readers been? How about Fire tablet, Fire TV, and Fire Phone? What barriers does the firm face in competing? What advantages does Amazon have?

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Operation Management: In what ways do amazons information systems reduce errors
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