Discuss fields in which you want to pursue your career

Marketing - Overview Of Marketing

One of the first things that you need to do when marketing yourself is to understand what the market, i.e. the employer, needs from you. Therefore, your task will be to investigate the opportunities in the marketplace for you to sell yourself. Your marketing research report has to answer the following questions:

1) Pick the primary and the secondary fields in which you want to pursue your career. List those.

2) Pick three companies that you would like to work for. Why did you pick these specific companies? Are your career goals and the opportunities at these companies aligned?

3) Are these three companies hiring? What kinds of positions are available? What are the salaries? What are the geographic locations?

4) What is the required skill set to qualify for the position you want to apply in each company? Do you have the necessary experience? If not, what is your plan to get it?

5) What sources have you used to obtain this information? Cite at least 4-5 independent websites and/or references.

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Marketing Management: Discuss fields in which you want to pursue your career
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