Choose an online in a box or food marketing company

Project Case

1. Choose a creative group/ advertising agency name and design a logo. Your agency should specialize in direct marketing. Ten extra credit points for the most creative name and 10 extra credit points for the best logo. Entrants must be complete and in final copy. No drafts.

2. Choose an online "in a box" or food marketing company. Examples can include Barkbox, Blue Apron, Itsy, Dollar Shave Club etc.

3. Create a direct marketing campaign with the tools you think most specifically compliments their other marketing targets and media choices.

4. There will be both an oral presentation or Pitch using the Direct Marketing Tool Organization of Written Report(Formal, APA style, in text citations for history and situation, reference list)

Executive Summary

History of Company/Item


Market position

Current Branding

Current Targeting and Positioning

Campaign Descriptions (Your campaign) Using A Specific Direct Marketing Tool

General description


Branding congruency

Branding Objectives



Media or DM Tool Objectives

Budget: You may choose your objective and amounts but you must detail why you chose this method and list your expenses)

Control/Follow Up

Measuring the success of your campaign (how)

Use two metrics of your choice

Time frame/task outline


Oral Report
This is your pitch. You may be as creative as you like. It needs to be congruent, creative and support your campaign. It must also support the personality and brand of the item you are promoting. This is where the WOW factor comes in

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Marketing Management: Choose an online in a box or food marketing company
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