Analyze the imports and exports of us and canada with each

Question#1: Analyze the imports and exports of US and Canada with each other. Explain if national supply of one country may help the national demand of other country?Also, explain why US and Cananda are better off to trade with each other. Please support your explanation with any given product of import and export between both countries?

Question #2: The theory of "invisible hand" by Adam Smith explains, "if people set out to promote the public interest, they would do less good then they would if they pursuedtheir own selfish interest" Bearing this theory in mind pick any two countries of your choice, and support or oppose the theory with emerging exports or imports of any country in any given timeperiod? Explain if this theory has pulled any country from poverty to leading exporter country of the world?

Question #3: Pick any country of your choice and debate its commercial policy of tarriff and quota? Elaborate, how tarriff or quota may help or hurt the country? Also, explain whatsteps would you propose to any given country to spur an economic growth in the light of import or export?

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