Analysis used by the u.s. supreme court

Review Case Analysis: 1995: McKennon v. Nashville Banner Publishing Co.

Read the overview of this case. Using online resources (not Wikipedia), read the details of the case.Other resources include the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and other reputable newspaper publications.

Your 10- to 12-page paper must include the following:

1. Write a brief summary of the case from District Court through the Supreme Court ruling.

2. Identify the main issues of the case.

3. Describe the pertinent variables of the analysis used by the U.S. Supreme Court.

4. Justice Kennedy, in writing the opinion for the unanimous decision by the Court, cited the Civil Rights Act of 1964 juxtaposition to the age discrimination legislation of 1967.  Compare and contrast the rulings issued by the U.S. Supreme Court and the District Court.

5. Analyze the reasoning used by the Court to overturn the ruling issued by the District Court.

6. In light of the Supreme Court ruling, what recommendations would you make to executive management if an employee like Christine McKennon claimed age discrimination after being terminated under similar circumstances?

7. Support your discussion with 3 to 4 scholarly sources.

You should follow APA format.

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Other Management: Analysis used by the u.s. supreme court
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