A case of china commercial banks


"Investigating the influence of complaints handling on Banking Industry Customers' satisfaction: A case of China's Commercial Banks" Ideally, the business environment has become competitive due to globalization. Globalization has changed the way people conduct business and interact since many countries have opened their borders to trade. Globalization has also increased competition among the firms in the marketing environment. This forces the organizations to passes strategies to achieve a competitive edge. For example, the service industry adopts service recovery as a way of retaining customers as well as attracts more customers.

Casidy and Shin (2015) argue that before the organization adopt a diversified strategy, it should measure the influence of the customers. This is because it is the responsibility of the company to ensure customer satisfaction to increase profitability.

According to Bitner (2010), the counter-measures to achieve customer satisfaction is to adopt customer complaints management. That is, a customer complaint is the only way customers express their dissatisfaction regarding the product or the service.

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HR Management: A case of china commercial banks
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