Systems Analysis Methodologies

Systems Analysis Methodologies

Systems development generally has two major components - systems analysis and systems design. Systems design is the process of planning new business systems or replacing or complementing an existing system. However, before the system design is carried out, planning is done. There should be a clear understanding of the old system and how computers can be used to make the operations more effective should be determined. This is done by system analysis.

Systems analysis is the process of gathering and interpreting facts, diagnosing problems and using the information to recommend improvements for the system. The person who does this job is called a system analyst.

Analysis of the system means identification, understanding and critically examining the system and its parts (sub-systems) for the purpose of achieving the goals (objectives) set for the system as a whole, through modifications, changed interrelationships of components, deletions, merger or separation or break up of components. It may also involve upgrading the system as a whole.

Thus, systems analysis, emerges as a means through which, the total system is conceived, designed, implemented and made operational to achieve the desired objectives. The basic objective of systems analysis is to understand and modify the system in some way to improve its functioning. Te modification may require one or more of the following: change the outputs, change the goals of the system, make it more efficient, have different set of inputs or improve in some other way to create a new system.

Systems analysis used to be the task of computer professionals. However, with computers being widely used by non-computer professionals, systems development has acquired new dimensions. Sometimes, users themselves are undertaking development of some of the systems they use. This is especially true in libraries, where library professionals play an active role in system analysis and design to meet the automation and networking requirements in the libraries.

There are three distinct systems analysis methods. These are:

a) Systems Development Life Cycle Method

b) Structured Analysis Development Method

c) Systems Prototype Method

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