Software Basics

Software Basics:

Software refers to a collection of computer programs, data & applications that instruct a computer (a piece of hardware) on how to do it and what to do. Software can involve everything from word processors to video games to Internet browsers (as the program you are using to view this webpage). Understanding software can help you obtain more out of your computer.

Significance of Software Engineering:

1) Software systems are the most complicated artifacts ever constructed by humans software is built up for clients who do not understand how software works.

2) Software developers frequently do not understand the application domain of the software.

3) Various software projects are never completed, and several software systems are never used after being delivered

4) Increasingly Software pervades our daily lives.

5) Bad software endangers lives and property.

Software Engineering Basics:

A software procedure is a set of activities performed in developing software. All of the software processes share the following activities or stages.


It is the task of precisely defined the software to be written, in a mathematically rigorous way. Actually, most of the successful specifications are written to understand and fine-tune applications that were already well-developed. Specifications are the most significant for external interfaces that must remain constant.

Design and implementation:

There are various approaches to the design phase. In this course we will be using the Object modeling technique. This technique of systems analysis uses three models of the system:

The Object model: Systems are considered as collections of objects which communicate with one another by message sing. Diagrams are utilized to illustrate the relationships among the objects.

The Dynamic Model: State diagrams and event traces are utilized to illustrate the active processes of the system.

The Functional Model: Data Flow diagrams model the movement of data through the system. These models provide the fundamental documents from which the module specification will be written.

Validation and verification:

In software project management, software engineering and software testing verification and validation (V&V) is the procedure of checking that a software system meets specifications and that it fulfills its intended reason. It may also be referred to as software quality control. Normally it is the responsibility of software testers as part of the software development lifecycle.

Maintenance (evolution):

Maintaining and improving software to cope with newly exposed problems or new requirements can take far more time than the first development of the software. Not only may it be essential to add code that does not fit the original design but only determining how software works at some point after it is finished may need significant effort by a software engineer. Regarding 2/3 of all software engineering work is maintenance; however this statistic can be misleading. A little part of that is fixing bugs.

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