Procedural Design

Introduction Procedural Design

Procedural design occurs after data and program structure  have been  established. In  an ideal world, the procedural specification required to define algorithmic details would be stated in a natural  language such as English.

Procedural design must specify procedural detail clear, understandable and unambiguous. Using a natural languages, we can write a set of procedural steps in too many different ways.

Structured Programming

In the  late 1960, Dijkstra and others proposed the use of a set  of simple logical constructs from which any program could be formed. Each construct should have  a predictable logical structure, enters at the top and exits at the bottom so as the enabling a reader to follow procedural flow more easily. The constructs are sequence  condition and repetition. Sequence implements processing  steps to be followed one by one. Condition is  used for selected processing  based on some  logical  occurrence, repetition  provides for looping. These three constructs are fundamentals to structured programming.

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