Message recovery and Data communication

Message recovery:

A session perhaps designated as recoverable in which case all messages travelling on the session are sequence numbered and logged. If the transmission not succeeds (positive acknowledge not received by sender) then the session endpoints resynchronize back to that message sequence number and the lost and subsequent messages are re-presented by the sender endpoint. If one of the endpoints not succeeds when it is restarted the session will be re-established and the communication resumed. This needs that the endpoints be ‘recoverable’ although one endpoint of a session may assume recovery responsibility for the other.

If a message ends up in a recoverable queue afterwards:

a) If the dequeuer of the message (session or else process) aborts the message will be replaced in the queue.

b) If the system collide the queue will be reconstructed (using the log or else some other recovery mechanism).

If the session or queue isn’t recoverable then the message may be lost if the transmission dequeuer or the system fails.

It is the responsibility of the data communications component to guarantees that a recoverable message is ‘successfully’ processed or presented exactly once. It does this with requiring that receipt of recoverable messages acknowledged. A transaction ‘acknowledges’ receipt of a message subsequent to it has processed it at commit time.

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