Changing picture of Financial Management

Changing picture of Financial Management in India:

Financial management is enduring progressing. As good finance manager, you must see all updates, modifications in the fields of financial management. You must be interested to know what new sources of funds are made at international level. What new projects are in present period? What amendments are prepared by Govt. in Tax laws?

Following are some of the main changing scenario of financial management in India:

1st Changing Scenario in Interest Rates:

Interest rates are managed by RBI and other commercial bank's rates are influenced from RBI's action. If you have to determine cost of debt, you must know this.

2nd Changing Scenario in Value of Shares:

Value of shares now can be established at premium or discount freely. However you must determine your shares worth at optimum level since under and over subscription both will reduce the EPS.

3rd Changing Scenario in Merge:

As good finance manager, you must keep your eye on who is takeover which company. To merge other company might be sometime most gainful deal. Similar to other kind of investment, finance manager must take of its benefit.

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