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What do you mean by Advanced Placement exam?

Advanced Placement simply termed as AP are demanding, college-level exams which students can take while still studying in high school. Schools usually provide AP classes to high score achieving students which qualify for a more advanced level of work in a particular subject. Advanced Placement or AP exams come at the end of the year and are graded by means of a panel of experts in the specific subject.

Advanced Placement or AP exams are governed by the American College Board in the US for high school students. They might be acknowledged by Canadian institutions for advanced credit.

1) Students who take part in Advanced Placement or AP exams are plunged in university-level learning while studying in the secondary school.

2) AP is identified by universities all over the world as a standard of academic superiority. Universities propose advanced placement, credit or both, and/or identify AP in their admission procedure.

Advanced Placement or AP examinations are taken each every May by students at contributing Canadian, American and international educational institutions. The tests are the finale of year-long Advanced Placement (AP) courses. All however one of the AP exams unites multiple-choice questions having a free-response section in either essay or problem-solving format. AP Studio Art, the sole exception, needs students to propose a portfolio for assessment.

The History behind Advanced Placement Program:

The Advanced Placement program starts after World War II, as a means to provide high school students an educational frame. Ultimately, it led to a placement program - permitting students to enter college in advanced standing. In the year1955, the College Board took over and starts to nurture the program, which carries on expanding its scope. Nowadays, AP courses are accessible in over 30 subjects: comprising foreign languages, English, economics, art, science, mathematics, history and many more.

AP International acknowledgment:

AP Exams are acknowledged all over the world. Over 3,600 colleges and universities in more than 55 countries grant credits and / or advanced placement to AP students, comprising first-class UK universities.

The AP Grades which are reported to students, high schools, colleges and universities in July are on Advanced Placement's five-point scale:

5: Extremely well qualified

4: Well-qualified

3: Qualified

2: Possibly qualified

1: No recommendation

What do you think - Are AP Tests worth It?

Well, the majority of all top colleges in the nation consider the AP scores. Although before you get too eager regarding passing out of your freshman year in college, keep in mind this: At times college's award 'general elective' credit for AP scores. This "general elective" credit is helpful if you want to graduate before time as it means you have to acquire some electives at the college. Though, if you are searching to test out of a course in an area which you are majoring in, a few colleges will mere give you placement into an upper level course within your deliberation.

There are many colleges which offer their own tests to observe whether or not students encompass the essential knowledge to test out of their courses. Such placement examinations are as well often employed to see whether or not students are qualified to test to an advanced-level course. Therefore even if you do not do as well as you had hoped on the AP test, at certain colleges, you can redeem yourself by testing fine on their placement examinations.

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