Percolator Type Coffee Maker

Introduction to Percolator Type

A coffee percolator is a type of pot that is employed to brew coffee. The term 'percolator' is invented from the word "percolate" which means to permit water to pass by the coffee grounds for extracting coffee that provides its color, taste and aroma. Nowadays, in the market, one can discover various types of percolators that are depending on the source of heat.

Electric Coffee Percolator is the most familiar category of coffee maker. It is much more well-liked than its counterparts, while it provides a more consistent brew through stopping automatically while the coffee is done. It after that switches to a warming mode while completed. An electric percolator includes a fixed heating element which can be cordlessly used.


Percolator type coffee maker contains a pot with a small chamber at the bottom that is located closest to the heat source. A vertical tube guides to the top of the percolator from this chamber. Just below this tube's upper end is a perforated chamber.

In the bottom of the coffee maker will find out the resistive heating element (a wire coil which becomes hot while electricity flows via it), that comes in direct contact with the base of the warming plate. It is coated in thick, white grease which conducts heat, spreading it out consistently. The resistive heating element is managed through the on and off switch and, when it's on, managed through sensors. A simple percolator is displayed in the below diagram.

Operation of coffee maker:

The needed amount of water is poured into the pot's water chamber and the needed quantity of a quite coarse-ground coffee is placed in the top chamber. It is significant that the water level be under the bottom of the coffee chamber.

While the supply is provided to the heating element, the temperature increases until the water in the base chamber boils. When some models may include a one-way aroma lock valve at the base of the tube that forces some of the boiling water up the tube, most of them operate on the simple principle that the increasing bubbles will force the liquid up the tube. The hot water is dispersed at the top over the coffee chamber's perforated lid. This water after that seeps via the coffee grounds and leaves the coffee chamber via the bottom, dropping back into the lower half of the pot. The rest of the colder water at the bottom is in the meantime also forced up the tube, causing this complete cycle to repeat continually.

While the brew continually seeps via the grounds, the overall temperature of the liquid arrives at boiling point, at which stage the "perking" action (the characteristic spurting sound the pot makes) stops, and the coffee is prepared for drinking.

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