File Management

File Management:

A file is a collection of data stored in one unit, identified through a filename. It can be audio or video stream, picture, document, application, data library or other collection of data. Files can be, saved, opened, deleted, and moved to distinct folders. They can also be transferred across network connections or downloaded by the Internet. A file's type can be resolute by viewing the file's icon or by reading the file extension. If the file type is linked with a specific application, double-clicking the file will open typically the file within the program.

What is file management?

The data that we work with on computers is kept in a hierarchical file system in which directories have files and subdirectories beneath them. while we utilizes the computer operating system to keep our image data organized, how we name folders and files, how we arrange these nested folders, and how we manage the files in these folders are the basic aspects of file management. The operating system's organization of our data can be developed by the use of cataloging programs, which make organizing and searching image files easier than simply relying on the computer's directory structure. Another aspect of catalog programs is that they can streamline backup process for better file protection.

File manager:

A file manager or file browser is a computer program that provides a user interface to work with file systems. The most common operations accomplish on files or groups of files are:, open, edit, create, print, view, rename, play, move, copy, search/find, delete and modify file attributes, properties and file permissions. Typically Files are displayed in a hierarchy. Some file managers enclose features inspired by web browsers, by including forward and back navigational buttons.

Some of the file managers provide network connectivity through protocols, such as FTP, SMB, NFS, or WebDAV. It is achieved by letting the user to browse for a file server (connecting and accessing the server's file system like a local file system) or by providing its own full client implementations for file server protocols.

Concept of the hierarchy of files:

Files can also be managed depends on their location on a storage device. They are store in a storage medium in binary form. Physically specking, data is placed in a not-so-well organized structure, because of fragmentation. Although, the grouping of files into directories (for operating systems such like UNIX, DOS, Linux) or folders (for the Mac OS and Windows) is done by modifying an index of file information known as the File Allocation Table (NTFS for recent versions of Windows) or Master File Table (based on operating system used). In this index, the physical position of a particular file on the storage medium is stored, in addition to its position in the hierarchy of directories.

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