Special type of Inflorescence

Special Type of Inflorescence:

The category of inflorescence which can’t be involved in racemose or cymose type is termed as special type. There are various types of special type inflorescences as follows:

1055_special infloroscence.jpg


This is mainly found in the genus Euphorbia. The inflorescence is reduced to appear like a single flower. The bracts are joint to form a cup-like structure surrounding a convex receptacle. There are a number of diminished unisexual flowers on the receptacle. There is a single female flower in the middle of the receptacle. It is naked, symbolized by the gynoecuim only and borne on an extended stalk. Around the female flower five classes of naked male flowers are set in monochasial scorpioid cymes. The male flower is symbolized by a single stamen occurring in the axil of a bract. The top of the inflorescence exhibits the existence of beautiful nectaries. Example: Euphorbia cyathophora.


In this the receptacle is concave and cup shaped. The upper end has an opening termed as ostiole that is protected by scales. Inside the receptacle three kinds of flowers are existed. The male flowers are existed in the upper portion, female flowers towards the bottom and the neutral flowers are found in the center among the male and female flowers. Example: Ficus.


In this, the receptacle is fleshy and seems like a circular disc like structure. The middle of the disc has female flowers and around these are present the male flowers, example: Dorstenia.

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