Respiration in Bacteria

Respiration in Bacteria:

Aerobic Bacteria:

These bacteria need oxygen as terminal acceptor of electrons and will not grow beneath anaerobic circumstances (that is, in the absence of O2). Several micrococcus species are obligate aerobes (that is, they should have oxygen to survive)

Anaerobic bacteria:

These bacteria do not utilize oxygen for growth and metabolism however obtains their energy from fermentation reaction. Example: Clostridium species.

Capnophilic bacteria:

Capnophilic bacteria are those which need CO2 for growth.

Facultative anaerobes:

Bacteria can grow either oxidatively by utilizing oxygen as a terminal electron acceptor or anaerobically by using fermentation reaction to acquire energy. Bacteria that are facultative anaerobes are frequently referred “aerobes”. Whenever a facultative anaerobe like E. Coli is present at a site of an infection such as an abdominal abscess it can quickly consume all available O2 and change to anaerobic metabolism, generating an anaerobic environment and therefore, permit the anaerobic bacteria which are present to nurture and cause disease.


Endospores are structures build up in bacillus bacteria during unfavorable circumstances. Fortunately most of the pathogenic bacteria (apart from tetanus and anthrax bacteria) do not make endospores.


Reproduction by binary fission is very ordinary. It is the technique by which most of the bacteria multiply very quickly describing the cause of spoilage of food materials, turning of milk into curd and so on.

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