Need for categorization

Need for categorization:

It is impossible for anyone to study all organisms. However if they are grouped in some convenient manner the study would become simpler as the characters of a specific group or a family would exert to each and every individuals of that group.

Classification permits us to understand the diversity in a better way.

History of Classification:

In the third and fourth century BC Aristotle and others classified organisms into plants and animals. They even recognized a few thousands or additional of living organisms.

Hippocrates (460-377 BC), the Father of Medicine listed organisms with their medicinal value. Aristotle and his student Theophrastus (370-282 BC) made the initial attempt to categorize organisms without stressing their medicinal value. They attempted to categorize the plants and animals on the basis of their habitat and form. It was followed by Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) who mentioned the first artificial system of categorization in his book ‘Historia Naturalis’. John Ray an English naturalist mentioned the term species for the primary time for any type of living things. It was then Carolus Linnaeus the Swedish naturalist of eighteenth century now termed as Father of Taxonomy developed the Binomial System of nomenclature that is the present scientific system of naming the species. In his well-known book ‘Species Plantarum’ (in 1753) he explained 5,900 species of plants and in “systema Naturae’ (in 1758) he explained 4200 species of animals.

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