Mirabilis Jalapa

Mirabilis Jalapa:

In Mirabilis Jalapa, there are two distinctive kinds of flower colors namely the white and red. Both types are true breeding. Whenever a pure-red flowered (r1r1) variety is crossed with a pure white flowered (r2r2) one, the F1 hybrids generate pink flower, a character that is intermediate among white and red colored flowers of the parental generation. This is since neither red flower color or white is totally dominant over the other. Whenever F1 hybrids were selfed red, pink and white flowered varieties were acquired correspondingly in the ratio of 1:2:1.

This is the phenotypic ratio. In this, the genotypic ratio is also 1:2:1, generating one homozygous red, two heterozygous pink and one homozygous white. The red and white varieties breed true on self fertilization of the F2 individuals however the pink varieties on selfing once again generate a phenotypic ratio of 1:2:1 confirming the law of purity of gametes.

As neither of the parents is totally dominant over the other, the symbol for Red parent is r1r1 and the white parent r2r2, and therefore naturally the genotype of the hybrid is r1r2.

It has been noticed in the given illustration that there is blending of phenotypes-not genotypes and the alleles of the genes are particulate or discrete. They emerge blended in F1 however have estranged out in F2 generation.

Incomplete dominance is also termed as blending inheritance since both the characters of the parental plants are mixed to provide an intermediate character that is dissimilar from that of the parents. However only the characters are mixed with one other and not the alleles. In Mirabilis the r1r1 always generates red colored flowers and r2r2 generates white colored flowers, whenever they joint, and the intermediate color namely pink is generated. Because of this it is explained as blending inheritance.

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