Main axis elongated

Main axis elongated:

Here the inflorescence axis is much elongated and bears pedicellate or sessile flowers. This might comprise several types:

1688_main axis elongated.jpg

Simple Raceme:

This is a simple kind of inflorescence. The axis exhibits unlimited growth. Numerous pedicellate flowers are arranged from base to apex in the acropetal succession. Each and every flower occurs in the axil of a bract, example: Crotolaria retusa, and Cleome viscosa.

Compound Raceme or Panicle:

In this kind, the inflorescence axis is branched. Each and every branch exhibits flowers arranged as in a simple raceme that is, in acropetal succession. Example: Mangifera.


This inflorescence exhibits an axis of unlimited growth as in raceme however the flowers are sessile and are arranged in acropetal order example: Piperlongum and Achyranthes.

Compound Spike:

The inflorescence axis is branched and all branches are termed to as spikelet. Each and every spikelet bears few flowers only. The base of the inflorescence exhibits a pair of bracts termed as glumes. Each and every flower has a bract termed as lemma and a bracteole termed as palea, example: Oryza (Paddy).


The inflorescence axis is fleshy and swollen. Various sessile flowers arranged in acropetal order are embedded in the axis. The whole inflorescence is protected and wrapped by a large bract termed as spathe. The base of the axis bears female flowers, and sterile flowers and the male flowers are borne in the direction of top. The tip of the inflorescence axis doesn’t bear flowers. Example: Colocasia, Arum.

Compound spadix:

The fleshy and swollen and inflorescence axis is branched and bears sessile flowers. There is a thick and big boat shaped bract termed as spathe wrapping the inflorescence, example: Cocos.

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