Iron and Boron

Iron and Boron:


Soil is usually not deficient in iron. Iron is a constituent of different flavor-proteins and forms a portion of enzymes like peroxidases, catalases, and cytochromes. It plays a significant role in the electron transport system of photosynthesis being part of the ferredoxin and cytochrome.

Deficiency symptoms:

a. It causes interveinal chlorosis and the leaves become white or yellow.
b. It impairs aerobic respiration and associated procedures.
c. Fruit trees mainly exhibit sensitivity to iron deficiency.


Leaves and seeds need boron. It is essential for uptake and utilization of Ca++ ions, pollen germination, cell differentiation and translocation of carbohydrates. It plays a significant role in nitrogen metabolism, fat and hormone metabolism.

Deficiency symptoms:

a. It causes brown heart-rot disease in the beetroots.
b. In apple internal tissues turn into corky.
c. It causes leaf to curl and become fragile.
d. Premature fall of flowers and fruits.

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