Genetics (from Ancient Greek word means genesis, that is, "origin"), is a discipline of biology, is the science of heredity, genes and variation in living organisms.

Genetics deals with the function of genes, molecular structure and gene behavior in perspective of a cell or organism (example: dominance and epigenetics), prototypes of inheritance from parent to offspring, and gene distribution, variation and modifications in populations. Given that genes are general to living organisms, genetics can be exerted to the study of all living systems, from viruses and bacteria, via plants and domestic animals, to humans (that is, as in medical genetics).

Genetics principally is the study of heredity. The heredity is a biological procedure where a parent passes some genes onto their children or offspring. All children inherit genes from both of their biological parents and such genes in turn state specific traits. Some of these traits might be physical for instance hair and eye color and skin color and so on. On other hand certain genes might also carry the risk of some diseases and disorders which might pass on from parents to their children.



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