Cell Theory

Cell Theory:

In 1839 Schleiden and Schwann have together stated the “Cell Theory” It defines that all living organisms are made up of cells and cells are the functional and structural units of all organisms.

Development of Cell Theory

When we study step by step development of cell theory we will know how scientific methodology executes. It involves the given steps:

1. Observation
2. Hypothesis
3. Formulation of theory
4. Modification of theory

Observations were made by a German botanist Schleiden (1804 -1881). He inspected a large diversity of plants and found that all of them were composed of cells. In the year 1838 he concluded that cells are the last structural units of all plant tissues.

German Zoologist Schwann studied numerous kinds of animals and found that animal cells lack a cell wall and they are enclosed by a membrane. He also proposed that animal and plant cells were fundamentally similar however for the cell wall; he noticed that both have nucleus and a clear substance around it. He stated the cell as a membrane bound nucleus having structure. He stated a hypothesis that the bodies of plants and animals are composed of cells and their products.

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