What do you mean by the term feedback

What do you mean by the term feedback? And describe various types of feedback.




Feedback is a method whereby some proportion of the output signal of a system is passed (that is, fed back) to the input. This is frequently employed to control the dynamic behavior of the system.

Types of feedback:

a) Negative feedback: This tends to decrease output (however in amplifiers, stabilizes and linearizes the operation). Negative feedback feeds part of a system's output, inverted, to the system's input; usually with the outcome that fluctuations are attenuated.

b) Positive feedback: This tends to raise the output. Positive feedback, sometimes termed to as the cumulative causation, is a feedback loop system in which the system responses to perturbation in the similar direction as the perturbation. In contrary, a system which responds to the perturbation in the opposite direction is termed as a negative feedback system.

c) Bipolar feedback: This can either raise or decrease the output.

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