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  • Q : Equilibrium rent imposing price ceiling

    When the New York City government only permits landlords to charge $800 a month for a little apartment while equilibrium rent would be $1,500, this has imposed: (w) price floor. (x) regulation which will result in market surpluses. (y) regulation that

  • Q : Price elasticity of demand when

    When a $.10 hike within the prices per gallon decrease the quantity of unleaded gas sold with 1 million gallons daily, and the quantity of unleaded premium gas sold through 2 million gallons daily, then: (w) the demand for unleaded regular is fewer elastic than the de

  • Q : Types of market in economy Types of

    Types of market in economy: There are two kinds of market in this economy: Factor market-for Factors of Production and Product market-for goods and Services.

  • Q : Describe inferior goods in economics

    Inferior goods in economics: Inferior goods refer to such goods whose demand reduces with the rise in income of consumer.

  • Q : Expectations and Demand problem The

    The demand for durable consumer good tends to rise if: (1) Supply rises. (2) Aggregate expenses rise. (3) Consumers predict price hikes or scarcities in the future. (3) Consumers predict surpluses in future.

    Choose the precise answ

  • Q : Market demands in short run Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. In short run, the market demands are: (1) Stimulated if resource costs increase. (2) Simply estimated employing aggregate data. (3) Positively associated to the

  • Q : Define bank rate Bank rate : This is

    Bank rate: This is the rate of interest at which central bank provides loan and advance to commercial banks.

  • Q : Recommendation of data on poverty Data

    Data on poverty into the United States recommend that the: (w) sex of the head of the family is unrelated to the poverty rate. (x) race of the head of the family is unrelated to the poverty rate. (y) families headed by African-American or Hispanic wom

  • Q : Monetary liability All currency issued

    All currency issued by central bank is its monetary liability. Explain how?

    Answer: The Central Bank is grateful to back the currency with assets of equivalent valu

  • Q : Marginal revenue product or MRP curve I

    I have a problem in economics on Marginal revenue product or MRP curve. Please help me in the given question. Demand for the labor through a monopolist in the product market is its: (i) Value of marginal product (or VMP) curve. (ii) Marginal revenue p

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