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  • Q : Public Goods and Service Why does a

    Why does a good or service become a public good or service?

  • Q : Value of a product according place I

    I have a problem in economics on Value of a product according place. Please help me in the following question. The ice has a higher price in Texas, Dallas than Anchorage and Alaska. The raised value of the ice is due to its changing: (i) Form. (ii) Po

  • Q : Direction of the income effect The

    The direction of the income effect can’t be: (i) Negative for inferior goods. (ii) Positive for the luxury goods. (iii) Zero for a good which some people consider a requirement. (iv) Expected when we know only the size and direction of substitution effect.

  • Q : Welfare Programs and Incentives The

    The incentive to work and earn income is probable to be greatest when the basic welfare benefit is ____ and the fundamental welfare benefit is reduced by ____ which the person earns. (w) high, the amount (x) low, the

  • Q : Revenue expenditure Why payment of

    Why payment of interest is treated as revenue expenditure?

    Answer: Since it does not cause any decrease in the liability of government.

  • Q : Pure monopoly firm operates in purely

    In spite of of whether a firm is a pure monopoly or operates within a purely competitive industry as: (i) this should expect total revenue to cover total variable costs or this will not operate. (ii) the demand curve this faces will be horizontal in t

  • Q : Labor Union Goals-Minimum employment

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. When a union achieved the maximum possible hourly wage: (i) All of the members would be pleased. (ii) Employment would as well be maximized. (iii) Employment would be at minimum

  • Q : Profit maximization for firm in pure

    Profit maximization for a firm within pure competition arises while: (w) MC = P = MR. (x) MC > MR. (y) AC = P. (z) MC = AC.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding Econo

  • Q : Comparative advantage of growing fruits

    The Oranges are grown-up in Florida and potatoes are grown up in Maine mainly as: (i) There is no orange-grower’s lobby in the Maine to save from harm and Maine oranges from the unfair competition. (ii) Potatoes are not eaten in the Florida. (iii) Maine consists

  • Q : Monopsonistic-Wage Discrimination

    Whenever an organization’s wage structure reflects the keenness of individual staff to work, terms which are most applicable comprise: (p) Monopsonistic exploitation & wage discrimination. (q) Monopolistic exploitation and the separation of possession and co

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