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  • Q : Public Policy and the Distribution of

    The two policies that most likely account for most of the trend toward greater income equality during 1929 and 1975 are: (w) improved educational opportunities, and tax and transfer policies. (x) reduced sex discrimination and public availability of b

  • Q : Excise tax at highest average rate At

    At the highest average rate an excise tax will tax low incomes while: (1) only luxuries are taxed. (2) goods along with the highest income elasticity of demand are exempt. (3) goods along with the lowest income elasticity of demand are exempt. (4) no

  • Q : What is marginal revenue Marginal

    Marginal revenue: This refers to the addition prepared to the total revenue.

  • Q : Arising Economic Discrimination

    Economic discrimination occurs while: (1) economic rents are received by resource suppliers. (2) wages are proportional to workers’ differing productive contributions. (3) household incomes differ because of different resource ownership. (4) pur

  • Q : Corporations stockholders not liable

    The corporation’s stockholders are not personally liable for the debts of firm since: (1) The Corporation is considered as a legal person, separate from its owner. (2) Usually there are too many stockholders to try to hold them all accountable. (3) In a corporat

  • Q : Ratios of personal benefits in Welfare

    Welfare is explained as being received while: (w) the ratios of personal benefits received by government programs associate to taxes paid are greater than for the average citizen. (x) economic rents are earned by owners of inputs. (y) a productive inp

  • Q : Problem on Illegal Union Strategies Not

    Not between strategies historically employed by some unions however now illegal in the United States are: (i) Jurisdictional strikes centered on which the unions will stand for a firm’s staff. (ii) Agency shop contracts forcing the non-union staff to pay ‘

  • Q : Perfectly price elastic demand For

    For Cournot’s Spring Water the demand is perfectly price elastic at:  (i) point a. (ii) point b. (iii) point c (iv) point d. (v) point e.

    Q : Higher income elastic demand for

    For environmental quality the demand is income elastic for most people, that implies that prosperity and higher incomes tend to: (w) increase people’s concerns about air, water, and noise pollution. (x) reduce efforts to solve pollution problems

  • Q : Declining cost structure by natural

    Natural barriers to entry within a market arise primarily by: (w) strategies by existing firms to discourage the entry of new firms. (x) perfectly inelastic demands for products. (y) the declining cost structure inherent in producing certain goods. (z

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