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  • Q : Monopolistically competition A

    A monopolistically competitive firm: (w) confronts a perfectly elastic demand curve. (x) is a price taker. (y) faces stiff competition from many competitors producing close substitutes for its product. (z) consciously considers potential responses by

  • Q : Determine least price elasticity in

    Of all of the known ranges on such supply curves, the supply of tanks of dehydrated water is least price elastic in between: (i) point a and point b. (ii) point b and point c. (iii) point c and point d. (iv) point e and point f. (v) point g and point

  • Q : Problem on Agency Shop The union

    The union strategy which prevents the non-union employees of the firm from being free riders is to negotiate a contract which needs the firm to be a/an: (i) Agency shop. (ii) Open shop. (iii) Collective bargaining shop. (iv) Closed shop. (v) Union shop.

  • Q : Problem on average household income Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Demand curve for the gasoline, a normal good, would shift to right when: (1) The legal least age to drive was raised to 18 all through the world. (2) New oil fields were discovered and exploit

  • Q : Function of negative economic profits A

    A function of negative economic profits is to: (w) attract new firms into the industry. (x) keep competition within. (y) signal to other firms to invest their capital into this industry. (z) correct resource allocations by forcing firms generating los

  • Q : Relationship between MPS and multiplier

    Relationship between MPS and multiplier:
    K=1/1-MPC = 1/MPS or inverse relationship between MPS and the size of multiplier.

  • Q : Procedure of substituting complicated

    The procedure of substituting complicated machinery for human labor is termed as: (1) automation. (2) bionic engineering. (3) scientific management. (4) robotics. (5) industrial sabotage.

    How can I solve my

  • Q : Various kinds of capital goods Supply

    Supply curves for different kinds of capital goods are usually: (w) perfectly elastic. (x) perfectly inelastic. (y) upward sloping. (z) downward sloping.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanati

  • Q : Devaluation and depreciation of

    Distinguish among devaluation and depreciation of domestic currency

  • Q : What will occur when government taxes a

    When the government taxes a good, the price consumers currently face is most probably: (w) higher than before the tax. (x) below the price the seller receives. (y) less than average production cost. (z) justified through welfare payments to taxpayers.

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