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  • Q : Firms demand for labor Assume that the

    Assume that the international auto industry has become monopolistically competitive and you run a small automaker. The events which would not directly influence your firm’s demand for labor comprise: (i) Sales of your company’s most admired car unexpectedl

  • Q : Problem on Labor Union Goals Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question.

    The higher union wages would be least likely to pursue: (1) Higher union initiation fees. (2) Mandatory retirement programs

  • Q : Problem based on GDP Assume nominal GDP

    Assume nominal GDP in the year of 2002 was $100 billion and in the year of 2003 it was $260 billion. The general price index in 2002 was 100 and in 2003 it was 180. Between 2002 and 2003 the real GDP rose by: A) 160 percent. B) 44 percent. C) 37 percent. D) 1

  • Q : Quintile distribution of income Give

    Give the answer of following question. In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents: A) 5 percent of the income receivers. B) 10 percent of the income receivers. C) 20 percent of the income receivers. D) 25 percent of the income receivers.

  • Q : Coefficient of elasticity of relatively

    Please help me to solve the problem that is given below:

    A relatively price elastic demand curve would consist of a coefficient of elasticity of as: (w) ep = 1. (x) ep > 1. (y) ep < 1. (z) ep

  • Q : Long run problem In long run , the

    In long run, the actions of successful speculators tend to rise: (i) Gains and raise consumer’s costs. (ii) Output and decrease the volatility of prices. (iii) Corruption and Bribery in government. (iv) The volatility of both prices and outputs.

  • Q : Income Elasticities of Demand Question:


    (a)  Suppose the income elasticity of demand for pre-recorded music compact disks is +4 and the income elasticity of demand for a cabinet maker's work is +0.4.  Compare the impact on pre-recorde

  • Q : Profit-maximizing firm at shutdown point

    When MR exceeds both marginal costs and average variable costs at the recent rate of production, in that case a profit-maximizing firm will: (w) increase output. (x) decrease output. (y) have no incentive to change output. (z) be maximizing profits.

  • Q : Short-run equilibrium and long run

    When a purely competitive industry is within equilibrium as well as all firms in the industry are operating along with economies of scale, in that case the industry is in: (w) long-run and short-run equilibrium. (x) short-run equilibrium and long run

  • Q : Sum of Monopolistic Exploitation Sum of

    Sum of the monopolistic exploitation across all workers tends to rise however a firm as well functions at a more socially and economically proficient level of output and employment whenever the firm is capable to engage in: (1) Blacklisting in its dea

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