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  • Q : Marginalism and Optimization Most of

    Most of the microeconomic models hinge on suppositions that all choices by each and every individual imitate attempts to: (1) Conform to social mores and cultural norms. (2) Propagate the individual’s gene pool into the future generations. (3) B

  • Q : Average Product and Marginal Product

    State the relationship among Average Product and Marginal Product?

    A) If MP > AP, then AP is rising
    B) If MP = AP, then AP is maximum
    C) If MP < AP, then AP is falling

  • Q : Measurement of cross-elasticity of

    The cross-elasticity of demand measures as: (1) the changes in quantities sold when the price of related good changes. (2) changes within the prices of substitute goods. (3) changes within the prices of complementary goods. (4) how quantities sold cha

  • Q : Analytic Time-Technological Long Run

    The chronological time needed for the technology to respond to modifications in profit opportunities (that is, the technological long run, also termed as super long run or temporal long run) is: (1) Longer than analytical long run for firm. (2) Shorter than market per

  • Q : Problem regarding marginal factor cost

    In equilibrium for any of profit-maximizing firm, marginal revenue product of the labor: (i) Is equivalent to the change in net revenue related with selling an extra unit of output. (ii) Surpasses the wage rate by maximum possible. (iii) Equivalents marginal factor co

  • Q : Question on central planning "Under

    "Under central planning, some group ought to decide how to obtain the necessary inputs produced in the right amounts and delivered to the right places at the right time. It is a nearly impossible task without markets and profits." This quotation best identifies the:

  • Q : Monopolistic competition in the long run

    In the past 4 decades, the still increasing globalization of trade has caused the United State automobile market to evolve by: (i) highly concentrated oligopoly towards monopolistic competition. (ii) pure monopoly to pure competition. (iii) a cartel t

  • Q : Arbitrage and Transaction Costs The

    The individual or organization which simultaneously purchases low and sells high in various markets is a/an: (i) Elevator. (ii) Speculator. (iii) Analyst. (iv) Arbitrageur. (v) Operator.

    Can someone please help me in finding out th

  • Q : Components of capital account Elucidate

    Elucidate the components of capital account?

    Answer: It records are international transactions which occupy a resident of the domestic country changing his assets wi

  • Q : Measurement of income elasticity of

    The income elasticity of demand is a measure of the receptiveness of: (w) demand to changes in income. (x) extra national income as Aggregate Demand grows. (y) supply curves to changes in demand. (z) price to changes in income.

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