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  • Q : Higher interest rate in current

    For current consumption growing preferences over future consumption would be evidenced from a: (w) higher interest rate. (x) more quick rate of investment. (y) larger government budget surplus. (z) surplus into the balance of trade.

  • Q : Excess of good in market problem The

    The excess of papayas would appear when: (1) seller’s supply prices increase to P1. (2) Govt. set a price ceiling of P1. (3) Growers predicted prices to soar. (4) Hurricane destroyed all Central American papaya plantations. (5) Government obliged a price floor o

  • Q : Profit maximization-output level in

    Profit maximization needs a purely competitive firm to manufacture at an output level where: (i) marginal revenue > marginal cost. (ii) marginal cost equals the competitive price. (iii) marginal cost is falling. (iv) marginal reven

  • Q : Non-discriminating firm with monopsony

    I have a problem in economics on Resources and Products Flow Model. Please help me in the following question. The non-discriminating firm with the monopsony power in labor market confronts a: (1) Wage rate which consistently surpasses the marginal rev

  • Q : Supply curve for price elasticity of

    Suppose that all these demonstrated curves are infinitely long straight lines. So, a supply curve for that price elasticity of supply is constant for each possible price and quantity is: (i) supply curve S2. (ii) supply curve S3. (iii) supply curve S5

  • Q : Propensity to consume Propensity to

    Propensity to consume: This exhibits the level of consumption at various levels of income in the economy.

  • Q : Collective Bargaining-managers and

    The strikes tend to be resolved after worker’s savings trickle down to a discomfort region and there is an exhaustion of: (i) Public tolerance, causing government to set the fair settlement. (ii) Managers and inventories, causing the firms to increase their offe

  • Q : Emphasis on equality of opportunity An

    An emphasis on equality of opportunity, although not essentially equality of result, is a center-piece of a system of distribution termed as: (1) meritocracy. (2) laissez faire capitalism. (3) feudalism. (4) socialism. (5) syndicalism

  • Q : Characteristics of oligopoly in market

    An oligopoly is a form of market structure described by: (w) its large number of sellers. (x) firms' capability to easily enter and exit the industry. (y) conscious interdependence. (z) price taker behavior.

    Q : Exhibiting Predatory Behavior If a firm

    If a firm attempts to drive rivals from its market and after that raises prices and adopts a strategy to deter entry, this is exhibiting: (w) grim strategy. (x) tit-for-tat strategy. (y) predatory behavior. (z) Nash equilibrium.

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