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  • Q : Monopsony power in the market of labor

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question? The firm probable to encompass significant monopsony power in its labor market would be: (v) Big cotton farm in the Texas hiring migrant workers. (w) Textile manufacturer in Hon

  • Q : Human Capital-Individuals premium wages

    The firm which offers its workers by substantial specific training tends to: (i) Pay such individuals premium wages to try to make sure retaining such workers. (ii) Need workers to sign the legal contracts of indenture and peonage. (iii) Raise worker productivity appr

  • Q : Budget for in-kind transfer payment

    Current budgets for transfers “in-kind” have developed most significantly for spending upon: (w) Medicare and Medicaid. (x) food stamps. (y) public housing. (z) grants to expand educational opportunity.

  • Q : Marginal Productivity Theory of Income

    The income distribution into a market economy is primarily found by differences within: (1) effort and sacrifice alone. (2) resource ownership and resource prices. (3) birth and social standing. (4) Lorenz coefficients. (5) political

  • Q : Higher prices and lower output in market

    When a previously competitive industry becomes monopolized along with no consequence on market demand or the structure of production costs, the effect will be: (w) higher prices and greater output. (x) lower prices and greater output.

  • Q : Problem on rational ignorance An

    An illustration of rational ignorance is demonstrated when you: (1) Are elected to a political office. (2) Settle for an other half who is not your "ideal" mate. (3) Eat a steak which increases your cholesterol level. (4) Were suspended from high scho

  • Q : Effect of higher price for normal good

    Let consider the law of demand. The idea that the higher price for a normal good will outcome in less of good being purchased never based logically on the: (1) Income effect, by which the higher price decreases the purchasing power of the income. (2) Demand for good f

  • Q : Illustrate normative statement In

    In economics illustrate normative statement?

  • Q : Define Surveys or Polls Surveys or

    Surveys or Polls: The word survey or poll usually describes a method of gathering information from a sample of individuals. In contrast to a census, where all members of the population are studied, surveys collect details from only a part of a populat

  • Q : Function of Capitalization Winning

    Winning $50,000 yearly for 20 years is similar as winning: (w) $1 million today. (x) less than $1 million today. (y) more than $1 million today. (z) $100 per day, forever.

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