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  • Q : Decrease the burden of sales tax on low

    To decrease the burden of a sales tax upon low income households, in that case: (i) goods along with high income elasticities should be taxed. (ii) goods along with low income elasticities should be taxed. (iii) goods along with high income elasticities must be exempt

  • Q : Blacklisting-Labor history Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Firms which colluded by circulating the names of the union organizers and hence they would have difficulty getting jobs were engaged in a now-illegal practice termed as: (1) Fea

  • Q : Marginal social benefits of products If

    If an oligopoly achieves equilibrium, in that case the marginal social: (w) benefits of their products exceed the marginal social costs. (x) cost of their product exceeds the marginal social benefit. (y) benefits equal the marginal so

  • Q : Law of demand is price in the law of

    is price in the law of demand an absolute or relative price

  • Q : Open market operation-Deficient demand

    Open market operation signifies to the sale and purchase of securities by the Central Bank in case of deficient demand whenever AD falling short of AS at full employment, the Central Bank purchases securities in open market and makes payment to the se

  • Q : Advantage of law of equivalent marginal

    Behavior most compatible along with the law of equivalent marginal advantage occurs while: (w) shoppers exhaust their budgets upon nondurables and services. (x) every firm uses similar markup over cost to set prices. (y) identical twins work in evenly

  • Q : Minimizes losses and maximizes profits

    When Firm B in demonstrated graph successfully minimizes losses and maximizes its profits that have: (1) covered overhead while incurring short-run economic losses. (2) potential economic profit of Pbgh per period. (3) total costs equal to 0phq2. (4)

  • Q : Problem regarding Hicks Model of

    The time period of union strikes and the equilibrium wage rate at conclusion of the strike are focus at: (i) Dept. of Labor’s Collective Bargaining Arbitration Division. (ii) Collective bargaining model made by Sir John Hicks. (iii) Bilateral monopoly model.(iv)

  • Q : Total revenue maximize by profit

    A profit maximizing monopoly which does not price discriminate will not: (w) produce in the elastic portion of the market demand curve. (x) experience raised total revenue when it reduces the price. (y) equate marginal revenue and mar

  • Q : Production utilizing knowledge or

    I have a problem in economics on Production utilizing knowledge or technology. Please help me in the following question. Production necessitates utilizing knowledge or technology to apply energy to rise the: (i) Amount of resources accessible. (ii) In

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