Techniques of job evaluation

Write down the various techniques of job evaluation?




There are two kinds of categories for job evaluation. These categories comprise several techniques which are employed to evaluate jobs. The two categories are illustrated below:

Non-analytical technique category comprises two techniques which are employed to examine only the relative ranking however not the detailed job issues. The other two techniques involved in this are illustrate below:

i) Ranking technique: it is the simplest technique which is employed for evaluation and assessing the job on the base of title or its content. In this each and every job is contrasted with other and then placed according to that.

ii) Job-grading technique: it is a type of ranking technique however it deals with the job-classification technique and does not call for detailed or quantitative study of job factors.

Analytical technique category: This is the category which comprises some techniques for job evaluations. The techniques are illustrated below:

i) Point ranking technique: its permit the system to start by choosing job issues and assignments of point are done to each and every degree. Various factors are defined for various jobs.

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