supporting tissues in plant

functions of supporting tissue

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    How nervous systems receive the information about external environment, the organs and the tissues?

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    Name the three main kinds of nitrogen wastes excreted by living-beings?

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    Regarding extracellular digestion what do you mean by chemical digestion?

    Answer: Chemical digestion is the sequence of enzymatic reactions to break macromolecules i

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    Whenever ASO test comes positive, than what would be the solution?

    Answer: I would like to do repeat test; if it comes again positive then I will do ASO Titre.   

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    Wage & Salary Administration: Wage and Salary administration is the procedure of compensating an organization's staff in accordance with accepted procedures and policy. The  significant component of a successful organization's wage and salary

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    What is the mechanism through which the neural impulse is transmitted all along the axon?

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