An oak tree cell with 14 chromosomes undergoes mitosis. How many daughter cells are formed, and what is the chromosome number in each cell? If the same cell had undergone meiosis, how many cells would have resulted, and what would have been the chromosome number in each?

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  • Q : Some Examples of Diversity -

    There are numerous examples demonstrating the financial benefits that can accrue to companies that embrace diversity. Here are a few:

    I. Xerox plants using diverse work teams are now 30 per cent more productive than conventional plants.

    II. Procter & gamble achieves 30-40 per

  • Q : Adnexal gland of digestive

    In addition to liver which is the other adnexal gland of digestive system which discharges substances in the duodenum contributing in extracellular digestion?

  • Q : Kinds of passive transport What are the

    What are the three major kinds of passive transport?

  • Q : Etiological agent of amebiasis-typical

    Write down the etiological agent of the amebiasis? How it transmitted and also writes down the typical manifestations of disease?

  • Q : What do you mean by bursa of fabricius

    What do you mean by bursa of fabricius?

  • Q : Explain the so-called good and bad

    Explain the so-called good and bad cholesterol?

  • Q : Barriers in Business Communication -

    Hindrance and obstructions that come in the way of communication make it ineffective. These barriers may be categorized into the following groups.

    1)     Semantic barriers: the obstructions that come in the process of encoding or decoding the message a

  • Q : Medicare plans for older people What

    What are the medicare plans for older people aged 65 and above and for disabled individuals?

  • Q : Importance of the delegation of

    Importance of the delegation of authority

    1.       Reduces work load to managers: delegation of authority permits a ma

  • Q : Civil Rights Act - Organizational

    This law refined the 1964 act and reinstated burden of proof falls on employers to eliminate discrimination and ensure equal opportunity in employment to employees. It also allows punitive and compensatory damages through jury trials.



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