In the long-run, an increase in consumer desire for strawberries is most likely to:

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  • Q : Advantage of Law of Equal Marginal in

    Assume that the last week your food budget yielded 5 utils from your previous $4 burrito; and 4 utils from your previous $5 hot fudge sundae. Purchasing one: (i) More burrito and one less sundae this week would reduce total utility. (ii) More sundaes and one less burr

  • Q : Perfectly price elastic for horizontal

    Firms along with output having many perfect substitutes for potential buyers confront as: (w) perfectly price elastic for horizontal demand curves. (x) predatory pricing through more monopolistic firms. (y) price elasticity coefficients of zero. (z) s

  • Q : History of Labor Union problem Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Working time gone in strikes as the percent of net working time in the United States since from the end of World War II has: (1) Rose to around 20 percent. (2) Reduced to a bit over 6 percent.

  • Q : Problem on Demand Prices for deck of

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Lauren, a solitaire addict, is eager to spend up to $2 for a new deck of cards. For Lauren, $2 is: (i) Market price for the deck of cards (ii) Demand price for deck of cards. (i

  • Q : Purchasing ratio maximizing the total

    The consumer who spends income and hence the ratio of MUs of all goods purchased equivalents the ratio of their prices is: (i) Maximizing net utility. (ii) Spending too much. (iii) Beyond the point of diminishing negative utility. (iv) Behaving incompatibly through pu

  • Q : Profit maximization of an output level

    Profit is maximized when this brickyard manufactures an output level of: (1) 6,000 generic bricks daily. (2) 7,000 generic bricks daily. (3) 15,000 generic bricks daily. (4) 17,000 generic bricks daily. (5) 20,000 generic bricks daily.

    Q : Problem concerning agency Shop

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Non-union members can’t "free-ride" in states with Right-to-Work laws whenever a company agrees to operate: (i) Closed shop. (ii) Agency shop. (iii) Open shop.

  • Q : Demography of Wealth and Poverty

    Poverty within the United States can be explained most properly by: (w) differences in effort and sacrifice. (x) voluntary choices of low income persons to consume more leisure at the expense of more income. (y) monopsonistic exploitation of labor by

  • Q : International market for auto industry

    The international market for the auto industry in the 21st century is probably best described as a blend of: (1) pure and monopolistic competition. (2) monopolistic competition and oligopoly. (3) oligopoly and cartel. (4) technological obso

  • Q : Annual total revenue when profit

    When Nostalgia Corporation maximizes profit in its production of Silver Screen DVDs, in that case its annual total revenue will be roughly: (i) $40 million. (ii) $60 million. (iii) $80 million. (iv) $100 million. (v) $120 million.