In the long-run, an increase in consumer desire for strawberries is most likely to:

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  • Q : Relative Income Measurement Relative

    Relative income as given by the Bureau of the Census reflects a try to measure: (1) a nation’s wealth. (2) economic development in a country. (3) the value of nonhuman wealth. (4) how far a person’s income diverges from th

  • Q : Inefficiency of market equilibrium When

    When firms have market power although do not price discriminate perfectly, in that case the market equilibrium will be inefficient since: (w) P = AC = MC. (x) total revenue equals total costs [TR = TC]. (y) MSB = P > MC = MSC. (z)

  • Q : Goods of negative income elasticity of

    When the income elasticity of market demand is negative, in that case most consumers view the good as: (w) a luxury good. (x) having several imperfect substitutes. (y) an inferior good. (z) a normal good.

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  • Q : Competitive equilibration processes

    When a purely competitive industry is within long-run equilibrium and consumer demand then raises, the short-run industry quantity supplied and equilibrium price would tend to: (w) fall. (x) rise. (y) remain similar. (z) swing up and

  • Q : Costs and Operating Decisions The firm

    The firm will stop the progress of it operations unless the firm’s owner(s) anticipate that future revenues will: (1) Produce an economic profit. (2) Cover the predicted totals of all future explicit and implicit costs. (3) Yield an accounting profit. (4) As wel

  • Q : Invisible-hand concept Choose Which one

    Choose Which one best describes the invisible-hand concept? 1) The desires of resource suppliers and producers to further their own self-interest will automatically further the public interest. 2) The nonsubstitutability of resources creates a conflict between private

  • Q : Implication of freedom of entry and

    Describe the implication of freedom of entry and exit to the firms beneath perfect competition.

  • Q : Problem based on Human Capital Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. From a purely financial viewpoint, we should stop going to school if you: (i) Graduate from college. (ii) Have to take out educational loans at interest rates which exceed the inflation rate.

  • Q : Competitive Markets and Labor unions I

    I have a problem in economics on Competitive Markets-Labor unions. Please help me in the following question. The purely competitive labor markets are not characterized through: (1) Most of the individual buyers and sellers of the labor services. (2) S

  • Q : Net revenue when price is given In the

    In the diagram shown below, net revenue is maximum for Pixie’s cheesy fried grits at a price of: (1) P1. (2) P2. (3) P3. (4) P4.


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