In the long-run, an increase in consumer desire for strawberries is most likely to:

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  • Q : Complication in accusation of predatory

    An accusation of predatory pricing is complicated to prove within a court of law since: (w) firms generally have too much power. (x) consumers and juries like the low prices and are less likely to fine a firm for lowering price. (y) predatory behavior

  • Q : Theory of production and cost

    The theory of production and cost supposes that the firms seek to maximize the: (i) Society's economic welfare. (ii) Their own gains. (iii) Sales revenues. (iv) Gross National Product. (v) National income.

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  • Q : Efficiency Wages problem The employees

    The employees at times pose principal-agent problems for the firm’s owners in the deficiency of constant monitoring. Such problems are most probable to be lessened when a firm adopts the policy of: (1) dynamically opposing the attempts to unionize. (2) Paying em

  • Q : Equilibrium in long-run purely

    When a purely competitive industry is into long-run equilibrium: (i) firms try to maximize profit. (ii) P = ATC. (c) P = MC. (iii) economic profit is zero. (iv) All of the above.

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  • Q : Total revenue exceed total variable

    A firm within a purely competitive industry: (w) will produce only as long as its marginal revenue is greater than its marginal cost. (x) decides what level of output to produce based upon an analysis of total revenues and total costs. (y) produces th

  • Q : Example of a vertical merger An example

    An example of the vertical merger would be: (i) Merging the Oscar Myer hot dog Company with Wrangler Jeans Company and Aquafina Water Company. (ii) The log cabin architecture firm merging with the logging company and construction company. (iii) Merger between Wachovia

  • Q : Immunity of Corporate giants in market

    Can someone help me in finding out the most precise answer from the given options. The Corporate giants are not immune to the market pressures since: (i) They experience the diseconomies of scale. (ii) Advertising decreases the barriers to entry. (iii) Profits give an

  • Q : Decisions of market for loanable funds

    If considering the market for loanable funds, and the classical view of how interest is associated to people’s decisions to save is which: (w) interest income is the prime example of an unearned economic rent. (x) the primary reason for inequali

  • Q : Characteristics of a purely competitive

    NOT between characteristics of a purely competitive industry would be as: (w) large numbers of potential buyers and sellers. (x) long-run freedom of entry and exit. (y) modern technology that dictates large firms. (z) buyers have no influence on price

  • Q : Most desperate market participants of

    Tax burdens on transactions are probably to be disproportionately borne through the relatively as “most desperate” market participants those, who are: (1) sellers when the market supply curve is relatively

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