In the long-run, an increase in consumer desire for strawberries is most likely to:

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  • Q : Diminishing Marginal utility principle

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The experience that your very first kiss with a latest crush was more thrilling and satisfying than your 10th kiss 35 minutes later is an illustration of the: (i) Familiarity principle. (ii) N

  • Q : Roles Play by Entrepreneurs Innovating

    Innovating new technologies and products when bearing risks and uncertainty is amongst the roles played by: (1) bureaucrats. (2) entrepreneurs. (3) monopolists. (4) politicians. (5) inventors.

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  • Q : Perpetuity bond in fixed cash flows A

    A perpetuity is a: (w) financial asset which provides its owner eternal life. (x) perpetual motion machine which lasts forever. (y) bond which pays its owner an annual income forever. (z) profitable share in an established corporation. 

    Q : Problem on Dynamics When drought causes

    When drought causes ranchers to in advance take cattle to the market, one short-run tendency will be for: (1) The demand for beef to rise. (2) Restaurants to experience shortages of the steak. (3) Prices for pork and lamb to decline. (4) Corn and wheat to become less

  • Q : Total revenue by quantity

    If LoCalLoCarbo produces the profit-maximizing quantity and charges the profit-maximizing price, in that case its total revenue equals the area of the rectangle as: (i) 0P2fq4. (ii) bdP4P1. (iii) 0P4dq2

  • Q : Computing economic profit To compute

    To compute the economic profit, it is essential to know the opportunity cost of: (i) Capital. (ii) Land. (iii) Labor. (iv) All the productive resources.

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  • Q : State microeconomic Choose

    Choose microeconomic statement from following A) The real domestic output increased by 2.5 percent last year. B) Unemployment was 6.8 percent of the labor force last year. C) The price of personal computers declined last year. D) The general price level increased by 4

  • Q : Problem on Decisions at the Marginal

    The least clear illustration of how decisions are generally at the margin would be: (i) A floral shop hiring an additional clerk and opening earlier in hopes of increasing revenues by half. (ii) Eating less whenever the menu is a-la-carte than at an ‘all-you-can

  • Q : Price discriminate by unregulated

    Unregulated monopolistic firms which do not price discriminate do NOT: (i) have power as price makers. (ii) dominate the supply side of the market. (iii) select profit maximizing price/quantity combinations from the market demand curv

  • Q : Define price ceiling Price ceiling :

    Price ceiling: Price ceiling refers to the highest price fixed by the government beneath the market determined price (that is, equilibrium price) so that requirements might be made accessible to the common people at a reasonable price. In India the go

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