Human Capital Accumulation and the Business Cycle

A society’s stock of human capital would be least probable to grow as a consequence of: (w) federal subsidies for college education. (x) sustained unemployment during a recession. (y) apprenticeship programs for construction workers. (z) retraining workers who have lost their jobs because of outsourcing.

Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding Economics generally?

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  • Q : Accumulation of certificates of

    A potential employee’s accumulation of certificates and degrees to stimulate interest through a potential employer is termed by economists as: (1) specific training. (2) signaling. (3) general training. (4) screening. (5) ticket-punching.


  • Q : Illustrates the Expert Opinion method

    Illustrates the Expert Opinion method of Demand Forecasting?

  • Q : Initially purely competitive labor

    When this purely competitive labor market is firstly into equilibrium at D0L, S0L, raise in labor productivity will result within equilibrium being attained at: (w) D0L, S0L. (x) D1L, S0L

  • Q : Saving of production costs attributable

    The rental value of a high quality piece of agricultural land timely era is: (w) negatively associated to the price of agricultural output this could produce. (x) unrelated to the costs of its cultivation. (y) equal to the saving of production costs a

  • Q : Problem on Occupational Crowding After

    After vacationing hundreds of restaurants, then a restaurant critic has concluded which in almost all the workers who clear tables and also wash dishes appear to be illegal aliens by Mexico. The critic has observed a phenomenon termed as: (1) marginalized labor. (2) t

  • Q : Economic incidence of a tax imposing

    The economic incidence of a tax: (i) identical to its legal incidence. (ii) either forward-shifted to suppliers or backward-shifted to consumers. (iii) imposed on whoever suffers decreased purchasing power because of the tax. (iv) more easily found th

  • Q : Elasticity of demand for labor and type

    The relationship between the elasticity of demand for labor and the elasticity of demand for a specific type of output the labor produces is: (1) uniformly negative. (2) uniformly positive. (3) zero. (4) curvilinear. (5) highly variab

  • Q : Find equality of Net economic

    Net economic investment plus depreciation equivalents: (a) the capital output ratio. (b) gross economic investment. (c) gross domestic product. (d) the capital stock.

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  • Q : States the determinants of elasticity

    States the determinants of elasticity?

  • Q : Determine market supply of labor The

    The market supply of labor is the sum of the: (1) quantities of labor supplied by households at each wage. (2) wages paid to households for each quantity supplied. (3) quantities demanded by firms at each wage. (4) marginal products of labor at each l

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